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FirstEnergy's Pennsylvania utilities' energy efficiency programs offers businesses the opportunity to save energy in several areas such as: agriculture, appliances and electronics, commercial lighting, HVAC, HVAC controls, refrigeration, food service, facility audit incentives, outdoor/street lighting and custom equipment/processes; customer equipment program includes, but not limited to, Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems, solar projects and Waste Energy Recovery (WER) projects. Below you'll find a few of the handy tools for calculating the annual energy, annual financial savings and incentive rebates.

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Franklin Energy is the designated program implementer for commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs for FirstEnergy's Pennsylvania utilities. This website is maintained by Franklin Energy.

FirstEnergy's Pennsylvania utilities provide a Program Ally listing as a courtesy to customers, but does not approve, recommend, endorse or otherwise promote any Program Ally, vendor, manufacturer, distributor, contractor or any other provider of products and services that could potentially qualify for FirstEnergy's Energy Efficiency programs. FirstEnergy's utilities and Franklin Energy provide this list of independent contractors as a convenience for customers seeking assistance with energy savings related products and services. Participating contractors are independent and are not affiliated with FirstEnergy, its utilities or Franklin Energy. Customers are solely responsible for dealing directly with participating contractors in all aspects of their interaction including, but not limited to definition of scope of work, costs, contractual terms and conditions, and the level of accuracy required when estimating energy savings.

Neither FirstEnergy (including its utility companies and affiliates) nor the Business Programs implementation contractor, Franklin Energy, nor agents, contractors, employees, officers and directors makes any representations regarding, or warrants the products and/or services of participating independent contractors, nor are they responsible or liable for any work performed by participating contractors, their subcontractors, or their suppliers in particular regarding whether it complies with any particular law, codes or industry standards, achieves any particular results or is safe or adequate for its intended purposes.

FirstEnergy's Pennsylvania utilities, their parents, subsidiaries, employees, affiliates and agents assume no responsibility for the performance of the equipment or equipment warranty, the quality of the work, labor and/or materials supplied, and/or the acts or omissions of any contractor.


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